Monday, February 23, 2009

Commissioner Aggie Stackhaus - Parks & Rec- February 22, 2009

Listen to Deb O'Bannon discuss how Kansas City's Parks & Recreation has embraced the implementation of green solutions in park properties with Commissioner Aggie Stackhaus. Listen to the podcast.

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  1. I, as a mother, took 4 young girls to that concert and was appalled at how the park choose to set up the concert! We got there at doors open, we were some of the first people there and as we walked in with no concert goers it was already a mud pit, you couldn't even see any grass, they has just laid hay down over the mud. The free water station (the only place you could even get water at) had water that just poured onto the ground making a HUGE mud pit impossible to get to. My girls couldn't even drink water without loosing their shoes. And barefoot is not safe! The porta-potties were set up at the bottom of a hill where water was collecting. And collecting so much water and mud that it was flooding them. We could not get back up to the concert once we got to the potties, we had to walk all the way around just to be able to get out. The Venders were set up in valleys where water was collecting. They can blame us as concert goers all they want but we had no control! It was miserable, we tried not to get muddy, we tried to stay dry and warm, as most concert goers did. We did not make the mud or the problems we were just forced to deal with them. I say Kansas City Parks and Rec. is responsible for the damage to the grounds and the junk the concert goers had to put up with. They choose to book the concert during the rainy season, they choose where to put the amenities. Where is our apology? We paid for a nice grassy music festival... we were forced into a pit of mud and hay.

  2. Why would you take 4 little girls to a rock concert? If you were scared of mud, why did you go out in the rain? Is this Aggie trying to make posts in others names?