Monday, March 30, 2009

Engineers without Borders - March 29, 2009

Listen as Dr. Deb O'Bannon discuss the Kansas City Professional Chapter of Engineers without Borders with Dustin Craig and Sarah Fjell, P.E. Engineers without Borders is a non-profit national organization focused on sustainable engineering solutions for all countries, mainly focusing on providing clean drinking water in third world countries. For more information on the Kansas City chapter's projects in Guatamala, Haiti, and Dominican Republic, please visit their website: Listen to the podcast.

Monday, March 23, 2009

more listeners' comments

  • 3/15/09 Janine in Independence: I caught the end of this Sunday's program titled Water Water Everywhere. It discussed students testing water quality. Since our school is located very close to a creek in Independence, I'd love to have my 5th graders participate in this.
  • 3/20/09 Ginny in Kansas City: I've listened to your radio show a couple times now -- good going!
  • 3/22/09 Mike in Kansas City: I really enjoy your radio show - If you haven't discussed as yet, what about speaking to the systems that are disrupted by a major flood such as Katrina?

John O'Neil - Johnson County Wastewater - March 22, 2009

Listen as Dr. Deb O'Bannon discusses Johnson County Wastewater and how our sewer system works with JCWW General Manager, John O'Neil.
Since 1989 he has worked for Johnson County (KS) Wastewater, first as the Director of Operations and Maintenance and since 2006 as the General Manager. During his career, he has been involved in numerous projects to improve environmental protection, conserve energy and make productive use of renewable resources, recently guiding the implementation of a formal asset management program. Mr. O'Neil and Dr. O'Bannon took the listeners on a tour of the sewerage system, from the sink drain at the radio station, through the pipes, to the wastewater treatment plant. Listen to podcast here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blue River Watershed Association-March 15, 2009

Listen as Dr. Deb O'Bannon speaks with Kate Delehunt, Education Director of the Blue River Watershed Assocition (BRWA). BRWA is a non-profit water quality education organization with the mission to educate and engage students in water quality. KC Clean Streams, the largest school based clean up event in the Kansas City area, will be held from April 22 to May 22, 2009. More than 4,500 students from all over the metro area will be participating in this litter collection event. T.R.U.E. Blue (Teaching Rivers in an Urban Environment) is a water quality education program that is implemented at various schools on a weekly basis. The program also included an overview of some of the water quality tests which students conduct, including turbidity, BOD5, nitrate and phosphate. Listen to the podcast.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kansas City's Fountains - March 8, 2009

Listen as Deb O'Bannon discusses Kansas City's fountains with Jocelyn Ball-Edson, RLA from the Kansas City Department of Parks & Recreation. Listen to the podcast.
"Ice Fountain" in Kansas City

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Listeners' comments

  • 3/2/09 (Brian in Kansas City) Ms. O'Bannon, thank you very much for your radio show on Sunday mornings. I find it very interesting.
  • 3/1/09 (UMKC professor) Kevin and Deb, Congratulations both of you. Talk show was very impressive. The message was very well delivered to promote SCE. Thanks
  • 2/15/09 (Christy in OPKS) WOOOHOOO! Great Job! Sunday morning, “Water, Water Everywhere” good information, well put, easy to understand! Thank you.
  • 1/28/09 (Greg in OPKS) Deb, You were on a radio commercial this morning and mentioned something about a regular show on 710 AM? It sounds fascinating. How do I find out more about your radio program?
  • 1/26/09 (Jaci in OPKS) Cool! Congratulations; I’ll have to listen!
  • 1/26/09 (Susan in Topeka)Congratualtions, Deb. I'm looking forward to hearing you this Sunday!
  • 1/26/09 (Karen in Topeka) I enjoy Saturday and Sunday morning AM radio, especially when it is something practical. Lately some stations have changed to the info-mercials. I hope this goes well.
  • 1/26/09 (Lynn in OPKS) I heard you on Walt Bodine (?) and thought at the time that you have a great voice for radio. Congratulations!
  • 1/26/09 (Sharon in KC)Deb, the program is great. Congrats!!
  • 1/25/09 (UMKC professor) I heard your radio show this morning – very interesting and informative. I will be sure to register my rain barrel on the website! Congratulations!
  • 1/23/09 (Jeff in KC) Congratulations! So you did turn out to be a celebrity after all. First television, now your own radio show. I look forward to listening!

Monday, March 2, 2009

UMKC School of Computing and Engineering - March 1, 2009

Listen as Deb O’Bannon discusses UMKC's School of Computing and Engineering with Dean Kevin Truman. Dr. Truman highlighted the degree programs, faculty expertise, research projects and student design competitions. Listen to the podcast. Related Links: UMKC; Admissions; Civil and Mechanical Engineering Research