Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Listeners' comments

  • 3/2/09 (Brian in Kansas City) Ms. O'Bannon, thank you very much for your radio show on Sunday mornings. I find it very interesting.
  • 3/1/09 (UMKC professor) Kevin and Deb, Congratulations both of you. Talk show was very impressive. The message was very well delivered to promote SCE. Thanks
  • 2/15/09 (Christy in OPKS) WOOOHOOO! Great Job! Sunday morning, “Water, Water Everywhere” good information, well put, easy to understand! Thank you.
  • 1/28/09 (Greg in OPKS) Deb, You were on a radio commercial this morning and mentioned something about a regular show on 710 AM? It sounds fascinating. How do I find out more about your radio program?
  • 1/26/09 (Jaci in OPKS) Cool! Congratulations; I’ll have to listen!
  • 1/26/09 (Susan in Topeka)Congratualtions, Deb. I'm looking forward to hearing you this Sunday!
  • 1/26/09 (Karen in Topeka) I enjoy Saturday and Sunday morning AM radio, especially when it is something practical. Lately some stations have changed to the info-mercials. I hope this goes well.
  • 1/26/09 (Lynn in OPKS) I heard you on Walt Bodine (?) and thought at the time that you have a great voice for radio. Congratulations!
  • 1/26/09 (Sharon in KC)Deb, the program is great. Congrats!!
  • 1/25/09 (UMKC professor) I heard your radio show this morning – very interesting and informative. I will be sure to register my rain barrel on the website! Congratulations!
  • 1/23/09 (Jeff in KC) Congratulations! So you did turn out to be a celebrity after all. First television, now your own radio show. I look forward to listening!

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